Cytochrome P450 System Part I: Background, Mechanism of Interactions, and Main CYP Isoforms Involved in Drug Metabolism

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As rates of polypharmacy rise and medication regimens become more complex, the risk of potential CYP-mediated drug-drug interactions is continuously growing. Additionally, the understanding of polymorphism and epigenetics is providing insight into how changes in CYP genes may be responsible for inter-individual variations in these interactions, disease susceptibility, and the therapeutic efficacy of drugs. Cytochrome P450 System Part I reviews the structure, function, and mechanism of CYP450 enzymes in facilitating metabolism and drug interactions; we highlight the most important isoforms involved in drug interactions.



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Saeed Khaja
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Due to the more narrow range of information, this activity may apply to fewer areas/settings than the gereral topics. It may include updates to guidelines and practice recommendations or address less common disease states or therapies.

Learning Objectives



  • Recall CYP enzymes commonly involved in drug interactions and their function, distribution, and nomenclature
  • Compare and contrast the different methods of Drug-drug interactions and those mediated by the CYP system
  • Distinguish CYP2D6 & CYP3A4 from other CYPs in metabolizing drugs and xenobiotics, variability in the population, their substrates, potent inhibitors, and inducers

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