Opioid Madness: A Bracketology Showdown of Prescription Opioids



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It's time for an opioid bracketology, an “Opioid Madness,” in order to pit one opioid against another. A battle of poppy versus man-made opioid contenders! With absolutely no room for bias, pharmacology will rule as law of the land, to ultimately crown, “The Greatest Opioid of All Time.” We’ll start with a “Sweet 16” of prescription opioids, mention a few bubble-busting first four out, and navigate our way through the “Elite 8” and “Final 4,” while reviewing patient counseling specific pharmacology and pain management treatment selection clinical pearls. One prescription opioid, will remain standing atop the mountain of Mu. We will also discuss more detail into the sensationalized actual “opioid madness” permeating through our society.


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