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In the medical arena, information changes quickly. What was irrelevant yesterday, may be paramount today. PharmCon’s News Connection series seeks to distill the most impactful news for health professionals from the vast sea of news that confronts us all, then bridge the gap between the immediacy of those critical items and the delay that occurs as that information is incorporated into more focused programming. Our team of skilled editors continually scans the emerging medical news to bring the most relevant pieces to the forefront and deliver them to you in a concise, practical manner. In this session, we investigate timely items, including: Lymph Node Swelling with COVID-19 Vaccinations, COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy, Many People with Hypertension Taking BP-Raising Medications, Arrhythmias with Lamictal®, Supplement Companies Cited for False Claims of Fertility, Physicians Have Mixed Views About Pharmacists Giving Vaccines, Antibiotic Courses are Still Too Long.



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James Chan
PharmD, PhD
Cherie Dillon
Associate Editor
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General Overview

This activity will apply to a broad range of learning needs/pharmacy settings. It may include common disease state/therapy overivews and/or general pharmacy needs such as medication errors, immunizations, or law topics.

Learning Objectives

Outline the outpatient antibiotic treatment durations that are currently recommended for common uncomplicated infections.

Describe the potential concern with COVID-19 vaccinations and imaging tests.

Discuss the concerns primary care physicians have with pharmacists administering vaccines to adults.

Discuss recent drug approvals, updated drug therapy recommendations, and important clinical trial results that have an impact on today’s practitioners and patients.

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