District of Columbia CE Requirements

Deadline: 2/28/2023
40 Hour(s)
10 Hour(s) Live
22 Hour(s) General
2 Hour(s) HIV
2 Hour(s) Medication/Dispensing Errors
2 Hour(s) Immunizations
2 Hour(s) Servicing LGBTQ Populations
Renews biennially on odd years.
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Pharmacy Technician
Deadline: 2/28/23
20 Hour(s)
16 Hour(s) General
2 Hour(s) Law
2 Hour(s) Medication Safety
2 Hour(s) HIV Training
2 Hour(s) Servicing LGBTQ Populations
2 Hour(s) Immunizing (if immunizing)
Pharmacy Technicians with added authority to immunize and vaccinate must complete two (2) hours of CE each renewal period relevant to the administration of immunizations and vaccinations as part of the CE credits required. 
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District of Columbia

District of Columbia Board of Pharmacy
899 N Capitol Street, NE
Washington, District of Columbia 20002

(877) 672-2174
(202) 727-8471
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