Rhode Island CE Requirements

Deadline: 6/30/2022
15 Hour(s)
5 Hour(s) Live
8 Hour(s) General
1 Hour(s) Law
1 Hour(s) Immunizations
Renews annually. If a pharmacist works in a COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE, the pharmacist is required to complete an additional five (5) contact hours on the collaborative topic.
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Pharmacy Technician
Deadline: 6/30/2022
10 Hour(s)
10 Hour(s) General
Renews annually. Every person licensed as a Pharmacy Technician in this state must obtain an eProfile number from the national association of boards of pharmacy in order to renew their license.
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Rhode Island

Rhode Island Board of Pharmacy
3 Capitol Hill, Room 205
Providence, Rhode Island 02908

(401) 222-2837
(401) 222-2158
Board of Pharmacy Website

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