South Carolina CE Requirements

Deadline: 3/31/2022
15 Hour(s)
7 Hour(s) General
1 Hour(s) Controlled Substances
1 Hour(s) Immunizations

Renews annually. Hours completed in excess of the requirement may be carried forward for credit in the next license year but may not be carried forward for more than one license year. 

7.5 hours of continuing education must be completed in the areas of DRUG THERAPY (ACPE Topic Designation -01) or PATIENT SAFETY (ACPE Topic Designation -05)

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Pharmacy Technician
Deadline: 6/30/2022
10 Hour(s)
6 Hour(s) General

Renews annually. Pharmacy Technicians may take continuing education credits that are designated for Pharmacists (P) or technicians (T). 

7.5 credits must be earned on either the topic of drug therapy (ACPE topic designation -01) or patient safety (ACPE topic designation -05)

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South Carolina

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